Edited by Dean M Drinkel
Dark Continents Publishing
289pp Pbk
Review by Paul Woodward

This is a collection of horror stories about phobias which most normal people will have never heard of and arranged in an A to Z manner. I read most of this over the Festive period and the good thing is that there are no stocking fillers, all the stories are worthy. There is a convenient list at the back with a definition of each phobia and you find yourself scrutinising this before each story.
They are all very different in a variety of styles and moods. There are protagonists that fight back against their demons in such stories as Coulrophobia (fear of clowns) and Uranophobia (fear of heaven). You see I told you that you wouldn’t have heard of these phobias! And there are atmospheric dense doom laden pieces such as Pteronophobia (fear of feathers). Smart savvy stories such as Ymophobia (fear of contrariety) about a mathematician but doesn’t let the maths lead the story. There is science Fiction horror in the shape of Gatophobia (fear of cats) set in an all to believable far flung gene spliced future. There are stories too where you really want there to be a happy ending and you think its going that way but no…
Zeusophobia (fear of God) contains one of the most alarming descriptions of semen I have ever read described as, metallic monsters seeking consummation with an electronic deity.
Dementophobia (fear of insanity) is reminiscent of the Beckett Trilogy in an existential rural landscape with the narrator suffering flashbacks.
In short there is plenty here for everybody to enjoy.