Film: The Devil’s Rock, 2011

Director: Paul Campion

Reviewed by Paul Woodward


The film is set in World War 2 where allied commandos are sent to destroy enemy gun emplacements in the channel islands.

The advert on the cover of the DVD box, ‘Saw with swastikas’ is a bit misleading.  The floor of the German bunker is strewn with dead and decaying bodies that have met horrific ends but I would need more than that to draw any correlation between this film and Saw.

The film starts with grainy pale colours as the two commandos arrive on the beach below the German bunker. This is a war film with a difference. The tension and suspense is all from Supernatural roots, unlike Saw. The demon, when she appears, is a delightful red colour. There is a chalk circle and candles and a faded medieval book of Grimoires.

If you like occult horror then this is certainly a film for you. There is also a particularly grisly scene where the viewer sees a bullet being pulled out from a man’s stomach (oh and without morphine too). The wounded man’s cry competes with the shriek of the demon. This must have been deliberate on the part of the filmmakers and it makes a good contrast.

The visuals inside the bunker where all the action is contained, are well realised, and puts great strength into this film. The blood splattered white shirt of the German officer is of particular note. Also a decaying body with the ribcage showing through deserves a mention too.

I enjoyed it, and I didn’t feel there was anything left out or unexplained. If I were to award points it would be a good 4 out of 5.