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Normal sleepy shopping day afternoon
fuzzy ginger bob you notice me
from behind dark glasses – so it could be you again
as the autumn sussurates – is that what I can say?

It would be if lover were true
and not mixed by magic into the wind that blows the leaves
as the spell blows my mind like a paper lantern
fluttering and trying
to hold on

Little boats in the distance on the old lake some tired and sagging
but difficult to see now
and they were danced sometime
some traces are definitely left

Lipstick painted onto the mirror
to tell me you were here
has long been rubbed out
all I can remember it was there

a hand pressed onto the misty glass
could tell the story of a diagram or a map
or maybe a phone number or even a don’t forget me you
and in my wildest dreams a simple: I love you?