They were all confused by the speed with which they’d been pulled back into the submarine. Clockwork, in full realisation of the danger they were in, had whipped his finger off to trigger the submarine’s materialisation, and opened the hatch. The team faced with the terrific storm and coloured flashes quite unlike any thunder and lightning they’d ever experienced before, were quite happy to rush pell-mell straight in. And the devil take the last.

The big stone that had been on the horizon had drawn them back into the machine which was driving them through the past. Although techinically they had always been ‘inside’ the machine, but the energy allocated for the mission to collect Jesus had expired, so elemental raw processes were coming into play to shut up shop. Basically they were going to be flattened. Minced back into basic protons and swirling atoms. The machine sensed only the crew, being programmed to receive only them and Jesus. The three wise kings were shrinking and would have shrunk away to nothing if hermione hadn’t had the compassion to put them in her pocket.

It took some time, days, to recover from this trauma.

They didn’t now know where they were, or even when they were. And what part they were to play when and where. True, inside a submarine. But where? Certainly nowhere near Bethlehem now. And at what time?

The next logical step was to tap into the on-board computer. There were no visible instructions as to how to get it online. It was really rather mysterious and deliberately cryptic, operating from the dictum of ‘tell you only what you need to know’. Any attempt at questioning merely elicited a holographic image of the submarine to appear on the bridge with red dots showing the relative positions of the crew onboard and a loud electronic voice, obviously on a tape loop would boom, “YOU ARE HERE.”