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the things we’ve found can sometimes be spoken about

at the border

behind a fence

through thin palings other side of the hut

argument over dominoes


a nearly fight

a nearly over bad temper

between the woods rustle – crackle at an angle

an animal lolloping away slips out of view

on the sound of our footfall

veering off

glimpse bright eyes in the darkening

just glimpsed

maybe only just made – or only just built

but creating light in gaps

does a quick exit from your trinket box anyway

                        the glove compartment

statement of intent

hanging explanation

fresh smell

– swell perfumed

misty breath

stub out the fag and pull the fur tight

shiver and burr

fiddle with the badge

the name the password 

the date of birth

the bribe

the jewellery engorged

                        and then forgot

misty breath

                        sweet perfumed

a mask for days and days

it seems

                        on the road

getting out and waiting

for passport and interpreter

tail light headlight blink blink digital light

LCD mirror on the dash

created patterns are deliberate resplendent

biological and technological

light on the wing butterfly

 and wanting to get out